President of Al-Azhar Academy for Training Imams: The Muslim Council of Elders has provided significant services and initiatives to humanity, contributing to raising community awareness

Dr. Hassan El-Sagheer, President of Al-Azhar Academy for Training Imams, Preachers, and Fatwa Researchers, extended his congratulations to the Muslim Council of Elders on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

Dr. El-Sagheer emphasized that over the past decade, the Muslim Council of Elders has continuously offered its contributions, and its generosity continues to overflow and offer goodness. The Council has not left any field or issue unaddressed, emphasizing that this entity is a symbol of amity and a promoter of peace. It empathizes with the suffering of communities and provides effective solutions to problems facing them. The Council has also rendered significant services to humanity by establishing the values of dialogue, citizenship, and acceptance of others through the Document on Human Fraternity. Its initiatives have served thousands and contributed to raising community awareness.

He also praised the efforts of Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, the Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders, in fostering interfaith and intercultural dialogue and contributing to finding effective solutions to the challenges that humanity faces. The Council is a global entity that was born to become influential among institutions that offer valuable services to the world.



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