On Orphan's Day - Muslim Council of Elders: Islam Encourages the Sponsorship and Care of Orphans, Considering It Among the Best Deeds Through Which Muslims Earn Rewards and Blessings

The Muslim Council of Elders, under the chairmanship of His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, underscored that the noble Islamic faith emphasizes the importance of caring for orphans, treating them kindly, honoring them, and looking after their affairs. It considers this among the best righteous deeds through which Muslims earn rewards from Allah. Allah the Almighty says: {And give to the orphans their properties and do not substitute the defective [of your own] for the good [of theirs]. And do not consume their properties into your own. Indeed, that is ever a great sin.} (Quran, Al-Baqarah: 2:284). Likewise, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "I and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this," indicating with his index and middle fingers and slightly separating them (Sahih Bukhari).

In a statement on Arab Orphan's Day, which falls on the first Friday of April each year, the Muslim Council of Elders emphasizes that caring for orphans should encompass raising awareness of the importance of meeting their material needs, as well as providing them with psychological, social, and educational support, enabling them to become positive contributors to their countries and communities.



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