His Eminence Sayyid Ali Al-Amin: Mutual Respect as a Virtuous Act Reinforcing Values and Human Relationships among Individuals and Communities

His Eminence Sayyid Ali Al-Amin, a member of the Muslim Council of Elders and religious authority in Lebanon, affirmed during episode 15 of the "Human Values with the Elders" program by the Muslim Council of Elders that mutual respect is among the righteous deeds that reinforce values and human relationships between individuals and communities. He emphasized that mutual respect reflects acknowledgment of the value of others and appreciation of them as partners in life, contributing to building bridges of communication and mutual understanding, thus enhancing peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation.

Sayyid Ali Al-Amin further stated that achieving unity, identity, and belonging to the homeland requires enhancing mutual respect. He explained that in societies characterized by diversity and pluralism, there must be reciprocal relationships. To foster healthy and dignified growth in these relationships, it is essential to strengthen the value of mutual respect. Ultimately, this leads to the elevation and consolidation of these relationships and fosters greater cohesion within the community and the nation.

Building on the Muslim Council of Elders’ strategy to utilize all media platforms in promoting peace and spreading the values of dialogue, tolerance, and human coexistence, the Council is presenting five diverse Ramadan programs broadcast daily through its social media pages: “Imam Al-Tayeb,” “Human Values with the Elders,” “Month of Harmonious Coexistence,” “Reflect on Fasting,” and “Humanitarian Stories with Youth.”

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