Seminar organized by the Muslim Council of Elders Pavilion at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair on the Role of Media in Promoting and Enhancing the Culture of Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) Commends the UAE's Leading Efforts in Promoting and Enhancing the Values of Fraternity and Human Coexistence

*Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM) Expresses Appreciation for the Pioneering Efforts of the Muslim Council of Elders in Confronting Hate Speech and Highlighting the True Image of Islam*

*Group Editorial Director at the International Media Investments (IMI): Aiming to Enhance the Role of Media in Confronting Extremist and Hate Speech and Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Acceptance of Others*

The Muslim Council of Elders Pavilion at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, in its 33rd edition, hosted a seminar titled " Media and Promoting of Human Fraternity." The seminar was presented by His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM), and Abdou Gadallah, Group Editorial Director at International Media Investments (IMI). The seminar focused on mechanisms to activate the role of media and its institutions in countering hate speech, bigotry, and promoting peaceful coexistence. It emphasized the importance of building a capable generation equipped with awareness and correct thinking to confront malicious messages, ideologies, and extremist backgrounds.

At the beginning of the seminar, His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi praised the efforts of the Muslim Council of Elders under the chairmanship of His Eminence Dr. Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, in promoting peace, tolerance, and coexistence, and in building bridges of communication and dialogue among civilizations, peoples, and different cultures. He highlighted the UAE's commitment to fostering values of human fraternity, tolerance, acceptance of diversity, and pluralism among its society, which includes more than 200 nationalities living in harmony and peace. He noted the UAE's wise leadership and the establishment of legislation and laws to combat hate crimes and discrimination, as well as the creation of various specialized institutions and centers in this field.

The Director General of the Emirates News Agency, stressed the importance of establishing a connection and integration between media outlets, institutions, and leading organizations such as the Muslim Council of Elders and research centers to study the conditions of extremist and terrorist ideologies. This aims to reach a common vision for accurate media messages that promote values of coexistence, tolerance, acceptance of differences, and respect. He praised the Muslim Council of Elders' initiative " Twenty Values Charter: Media Code of Ethics for Human Fraternity" and called for the launch of numerous initiatives aimed at countering hate speech, promoting human coexistence, and training a generation capable of carrying the banner of tolerance, coexistence, and peace. He also emphasized the media's responsibility in providing appropriate platforms to convey the voices of the wise and their message of tolerance, moderation, and noble values to various segments of society to build nations blessed with peace and stability.

For his part, Abdou Gadallah highlighted the importance of rallying around the values of tolerance and moderation and making efforts to build bridges of peace and common coexistence, and promoting a culture of dialogue and acceptance among different segments of society as the only way to eliminate terrorism and ensure a safe and prosperous future for future generations. He pointed out the significant responsibility that lies with the media in supporting global efforts aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence and consolidating the values of human fraternity, especially in light of the world's rapid transformations and conflicts. He called for the launch of media programs and projects and the expansion of the role of influencers on social media platforms to bring about the required positive change and counter the spread of hate speech and extremism, whether on television or social media platforms.

The Muslim Council of Elders had previously organized the ‘Arab Media Forum for Human Fraternity’ which coincided with the first anniversary of the signing of the Document on Human Fraternity, which led to the publishing of the "Twenty Values Charter: Media Code of Ethics for Human Fraternity." The charter serves as a code of conduct, a professional and ethical covenant aimed at enhancing the role of media in promoting the values of human fraternity and is committed to ethical journalism, outlining fundamental principles for regulating professional practices in the media sector, focusing on the importance of the media's role in promoting values of coexistence, tolerance, and human fraternity, and rejecting speeches of bigotry, hatred, extremism, and terrorism.

The Muslim Council of Elders is participating at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair with over 220 publications in 5 different languages, including 22 new releases addressing key intellectual issues. Additionally, it is set to host a series of seminars focusing on topics such as dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, youth, peacebuilding, and the environment alongside a corner for Arabic calligraphy and several entertainment activities for children. The council's pavilion is located in Hall 10, Pavilion 10 C17 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).



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