What moving the embassy to Jerusalem means?

What does it mean to move the United States’ embassy in the Zionist entity from Tel Aviv to Islam’s third holiest site, the occupied Jerusalem? It means a provocation of the feelings of the Muslim world, which accounts to about one third of the world’s population. It also disregards international laws enacted by the United Nations and the UN Security Council to seek justice and prevent injustice from taking place. It also means an open support to what many states have collaborated to combat, which is terrorism which undermines security and prevents stability by destroying the hopes of the people affected negatively. Such provocations will also no doubt be used as justification by those who will seek revenge and will also be like, “opening the gates of hell, which is being fuelled by people and rock”, as it was described by His Eminence Dr Ahmed El-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders.
It also means that terrorism is not self-constructed nor is it engrained in the minds of Muslims, but is rather engineered and fuelled by some of those states who seek to destabilize the region by moving their embassies to a revered Islamic capital city. Likewise, it means that terrorism is not only limited to the actions of people who kill others, but also extends to superpowers that undermine and terrorize weaker countries where a third of the world’s population live. With that in mind, which terrorists should be confronted and fought off?
It also means that the 57 nations belonging to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, who are in turn United Nations’ members are not taken seriously by military and industrial powers in the world today, despite their financial strength and overall manpower. With no unified will to oppose such aggressions, no money or man power is strong enough to prevent such hostilities from taking place.
Mr. President of this great nation, who chose to take this unusual policy decision, do you think by simply moving your embassy you will be able to wipe out Jerusalem’s Islamic history and mosques?
Not at all, as international law criminalizes such illegal acts. The transfer of embassies does not imply the changing of international law, but rather implies aggression, occupation and hatred towards a disenfranchised people which is unfortunately the policy of superpowers who are supposed to be the promoters of justice and proctors of the weak in the world we live in.
International condemnation of this cruel and unjust move is proof that forceful policies are unacceptable and that justice will be served sooner rather than later. Patience, O’ wounded Aqsa and people of Jerusalem, your day of victory is near as promised by the most righteous of all, Peace and Blessings be Upon him. 

DR.Ahmed Al Haddad



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