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Countering Islamophobia in Europe: Latest publication by the Muslim Council of Elders on display at the Cairo International Book Fair 2023

The Muslim Council of Elders’ stand at the Cairo International Book Fair is exhibiting one of the Council’s latest translated publications ‘Countering Islamophobia in Europe’ by Ian Law, Amina Easat-Daas, Arzu Merali and Salman Sayyid. 

Following the publishing of the cartoons insulting the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed (PBUH) the inspiration to publish the book arose. The Muslim Council of Elders convened to discuss these unfortunate incidents and potential solutions to the problems it had caused. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb queried about voices of reason in the West, specifically academic intellectuals who oppose ongoing provocations that defame Islam and its messenger. Al Hokama Publishing chose to translate and distribute ‘Countering Islamophobia in Europe’ for Arab readers in an effort to emphasize the contributions of Western rationalists and thinkers in stemming the growth of hate speech and Islamophobia in Europe. This despicable phenomenon is frequently encouraged by global media outlets and political parties who put their interests and electoral success ahead of fostering a coexistent society.

‘Countering Islamophobia in Europe’ draws on new evidence from eight national contexts to provide an innovative kit of counter-narratives, which were presented and well received at the European Parliament in September 2018, and subsequently launched across Europe in national workshops in selected states.

The book discusses Islamophobia and possible ways to counter it in various European states including; the United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany. It also provides a “New Counter-Islamophobia Kit” for readers, intellectuals and organizations looking to counter this discriminatory phenomenon.

The Council’s participation at the Cairo International Book Fair comes as part of His Eminence the Grand Imam’s vision of promoting dialogue and spreading tolerance and peace globally as well as building bridges of cooperation with people of all backgrounds. The Council’s participation at the Cairo International Book Fair is located in Hall 4 next to the Al-Azhar stand at the Egypt International Exhibition Center.


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