Geneva Meeting The Role of Religions in Promoting Peace and Countering Violence and Hatred

Dr. Ali Rashid Al-Noaimi
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  • They denounce all forms of fanaticism and racial discrimination based on religion, race, class, ethnicity, or descent.
  • They encourage religious leaders to cooperate with all relevant local institutions and authorities to highlight the true image of religions in their right conception.
  • They promote all successful initiatives, such as the initiative of “Family House” founded by Al-Azhar in Egypt in cooperation with the Coptic Orthodox Church and other churches. It is necessary to repeat such successful initiatives.
  • They call for serious considerations for all possible ways to promote opportunities for women to contribute in the process of peace building and promoting.
  • They urge all parties to stop arms race, which poses a real threat to all nations and call for re-orienting such resources to combat poverty, ignorance, and illness, which are the havocs that face both poor and rich peoples alike.
  • The gathering appeals to all religious leaders to seek for achieving justice and peace for the entire humankind.
  • At the end of the conference, the two parties agreed on convening the next meeting in the first quarter of 2017,God willing

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