Privacy Policy

The Muslim council of Elders is responsible for the protection of all personal data and the privacy of its users according to the following:

1. Protecting all the data monitored during use of the Council's website with the highest degree of confidentiality and security.
• The Council shall take the necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of personal information, including the preservation of such information with a secure database.

2. The Council may monitor, preserve and use personal data as follows:
• Data about users of the website and their access to and use of it, including IP addresses, locations, types of browsers, duration of visits and number of pages read.
• All data collected will be voluntarily given by users visiting the Council’s website

3. The Council may use the analysis feature on the Google engine to obtain statistics related to the use of the website via cookies.

4. The Council may use the personal data of users of its website in the following cases:
• Send notices, ads, or promotions.
• Communicate with users and follow up on inquiries, suggestions and complaints.

5. The Council shall not disclose any personal data to any outside party except in two cases:
• The Council is required to do so by legal means.
• If they are in any existing legal procedures.

6. The Council reserves the right to amend this policy without any prior notice.

7. The Council website follows a comprehensive and stringent security policy which is available only to authorized staff members who are undertaken to maintain the confidentiality of any data and information received.

8. The laws of the United Arab Emirates alone shall be applicable to all disputes arising out of the use of this website. The courts of the United Arab Emirates have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes which may arise. 

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