Muslim Council of Elders

To restore the role of scholars, to use their expertise to improve Muslim societies and to help eliminate causes of fragmentation and to promote reconciliation.


Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders: Our goal is to empower youth to contribute to building a better future for themselves and humanity

July 12, 2023

What we do

Some of our Projects

Dialogue of East and West

The Muslim Council of Elders aims, through its initiative.

Peace Convoys

Peace Convoys Dialogue for Myanmar


A Humane Civilizational Dialogue for Myanmar

Global Conference of Human Fraternity

A historic meeting between the two most prominent religious leaders in the world

A Nation that does not celebrate defeat

The Quran has never celebrated defeats but called the defeated people to analyse reasons for their defeat. It considered that the defeat happened because of the loser’s method, not only due to the opponent’s strength. Take the Battle of Uhud as an example among other examples that Allah told us about in the Quran.

No one can survive alone

This typhoon has taught everyone a lesson: nobody is safe until everyone is safe. No one can survive alone, whether he has money or power, is black or white, or lives in developed or developing societies.

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