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Muslim Council of Elders’ stand at the Cairo International Book Fair 2023 hosts seminar on ‘Sunnah in Islamic Legislation’

The tenth seminar by the Muslim Council of Elders at the Cairo International Book Fair took place at the Council’s stand at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. The seminar was titled ‘Sunnah in Islamic Legislation’ and presented by Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem and Dr. Ahmed Mi’bid, members of the Council of Senior Scholars at Al-Azhar. The seminar saw a considerable attendance from the fair's visitors as well as researchers and academic students who were eager to interact with the presenters.

During the seminar, Dr. Omar Hashem expressed his gratitude to the Muslim Council of Elders for hosting this important gathering in support of Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah. Additionally, he emphasized that the Sunnah is the second source of Islamic law, following the Holy Qur'an, and that the Quran explicitly recognized its authority in the following verse:” Whatever the Messenger gives you, accept it. And whatever he forbids you, abstain from it.”

He continued by stating that the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), may Allah be pleased with them, were eager to collect and pass down the Sunnah of the Prophet to future generations. The legitimacy of the narration was then established by hadith experts through the invention of sciences, which the world's documentation and cultural institutions owe.

For his part, Dr Mi’bid added that the Prophet's Sunnah is a prerequisite for a Muslim in his devotion and way of life and was revealed in the same way as the Holy Qur'an was.

He also disproved the assertions of detractors who contend that the Sunnah of the Prophet was not preserved during Prophet Muhammed's (PBUH) lifetime.  He asserted that the Sunnah was formalized years after the Prophet's Companions, may God be pleased with them, initially transcribed it.

The Council’s participation at the Cairo International Book Fair comes as part of His Eminence the Grand Imam’s vision of promoting dialogue and spreading tolerance and peace globally as well as building bridges of cooperation with people of all backgrounds.


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