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The International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Every year on February 11, the world observe the 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science' to encourage and support women and girls and to recognize their contributions to a variety of scientific fields. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the contributions made by women and girls in science and to improve the ties between politics, society, and science in order to realize desired future goals.

Women have historically been encouraged to pursue careers in science, literature, poetry, and education throughout Islamic history. Aisha, the Mother of the Believers (may Allah be pleased with her), served as a revered model and reference point for Muslim intellectuals. Similarly, Rufaida Al-Aslamia was a social worker who excelled in mastering the medical sciences and who operated a tent where she provided medical care for the sick inside the mosque of the Prophet (PBUH). Islamic history is also filled with examples of female scientists and pioneers, such Fatima bint Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Samarqandi and others.

The Muslim Council of Elders emphasizes the importance of giving women and girls equal access to education and training so they can become effective teachers and educators in their societies. Through training programs that enable women and girls to positively contribute in their society and the future of their communities, the Council urges concerted efforts to build female leaders in the sciences.


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