World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Cultural diversity among people is the pathway to the integration and prosperity of humanity, as culture and knowledge acquisition cultivate wisdom and understanding, shaping the character of individuals. Additionally, it establishes an objective framework for engaging with others, leading individuals to contribute to the well-being of their nations along with promoting global peace and prosperity.

It is important to recognize that cultural diversity is fundamental in bolstering intellectual resilience and fostering dialogue with others since it serves as a cornerstone for nation-building and the development of civilizations. The Muslim Council of Elders endeavors to spread and encourage diversity through its publishing arm, 'Dar Al Hokama Publishing' through multi-lingual publications that aim to rectify misconceptions, combat all forms of extremism, hatred, discrimination, and Islamophobia, while promoting values of dialogue and tolerance.

Embracing diversity and acknowledging the significance of dialogue, the Muslim Council of Elders has spearheaded seven rounds of dialogue between the East and the West in collaboration with Al-Azhar, the Catholic Church, the World Council of Churches, and the Church of England. The most recent event was the Bahrain Dialogue Forum which took place in 2022.

On the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, the Muslim Council of Elders urges all intellectuals, publishers, and decision-makers to intensify their efforts in promoting all cultures and celebrating their diversity, as well as fostering dialogue. By doing so, we can collectively seek effective solutions to the various challenges facing our world today.



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