Muslim Council of Elders concludes participation at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2023 with remarkable turnout

The Muslim Council of Elders has concluded its participation at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2023 which received notable interest and engagement from the fair’s visitors. The Council's stand featured 168 publications by Dar Al-Hokama Publishing, ranging from heritage books to modern releases written by Arab and Western authors who advocate for the values of dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, and reject hate speech, bigotry, and discrimination.

Among prominent publications that garnered visitors' attention and interest were 'From My Old Notebooks' by His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, ‘The Pope and the Grand Imam: A Thorny Path’ by the Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Elders Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam, ‘Religious Tolerance in the World Religions" by Jacob Neusner and Bruce Chilton, 'Countering Islamophobia in Europe' by a group of researchers, 'Basis of Understanding from Thought and Language' by His Eminence Dr. Mustapha Benhamza, member of the Muslim Council of Elders and President of the Ulema Council of Oujda in Morocco, 'Similarity in the Structure of Stories in the Noble Qur'an' by Abdulghani Awad Al-Rajhi, 'Love in the Holy Quran' by Council member His Royal Highness Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed of Jordan and 'Islam, the West and Tolerance: Conceiving Coexistence' by Dr. Aaron Tyler, Professor of International Relations and Global Affairs at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

The seminar program presented by the Muslim Council of Elders' stand received significant interaction from exhibition attendees. The Council hosted seven seminars throughout the exhibition's duration which addressed various topics. These included 'Humans and Environmental Protection' by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi (The Green Sheikh), Vice Chairman of Al Ihsan Charity Association. Other topics covered included youth empowerment in the seminar ‘Youth Aspiration and Empowering Leaders - Peacemakers as an Example’ presented by a number of graduates from the first edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, Dr. Islam Badr from Egypt, Khalifa Khaled from the United Arab Emirates and Dr. Aisha Khan from the United Kingdom. Also featured was 'Peaceful Coexistence' by Abdulraheem Mandi Al Tameemi, faculty member at the Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities along with 'The Role of Educational Institutions in Building Bridges of Tolerance and Coexistence' by Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Chancellor of the Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities. 

Also, Datuk Senator Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, member of the Muslim Council of Elders and Malaysia's former Minister of Islamic Affairs delivered a seminar titled 'Muslim Council of Elders and Promoting Coexistence’. This was along with the seminar 'Identity and Citizenship as a Human Vision' by His Eminence Al Sayyid Ali Al-Amine, member of the Muslim Council of Elders. Also presenting was Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO and Founder of TRENDS Research and Advisory with the seminar 'Human Fraternity - A Global Call for Dialogue and Solidarity Among Humanity'.

Likewise, the Council's stand received several guests, decision-makers, and key figures in the publishing, translation, and cultural sectors, both locally and internationally with the aim of enhancing efforts to enhance the publishing sector in the fields of tolerance, coexistence, and facilitating the understanding of the correct teachings of moderate Islam through the dissemination of Arabic books in non-Arabic-speaking communities. Additionally, discussions were held regarding the translation of the Council's publications into various languages in the coming period.

The Muslim Council of Elders is now preparing to participate in the upcoming International Book and Print Fair (SIEL) to be held in Morocco’s capital Rabat. The fair will take place from June 1 to 11 and will present various publications from the Council as well as a varied seminar program.



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