Muslim Council of Elders to participate in the 2023 International Publishing and Book Fair in Rabat

With a wide-ranging library of publications as well as a seminar and lecture program

The Muslim Council of Elders is set to participate in the 28th  edition of the International Publishing and Book Fair, scheduled to be held in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, from June 1st to 11th, 2023. The upcoming participation aligns with the Council's mission to deepen awareness and promote values of tolerance, coexistence, and peace.

The Council's stand at the International Publishing and Book Fair will allow visitors to explore a collection of important publications, books, and manuscripts. Additionally, a diverse and comprehensive seminar and lecture program will address various important topics related to Islamic thought. These events will feature the participation of a number of scholars, thinkers, writers, intellectuals, and university professors.

The Council's stand will begin with a seminar titled ‘Orientalism and the Efforts of Orientalists in Preserving Heritage’ presented by Dr. Ahmed Shoukry Binbayn, Director of the Royal Library in Rabat, on Friday, June 2nd. On Saturday, June 3rd, Dr. Elias Belka, Professor at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez, will deliver a seminar titled ‘Conflict and Strife in the Muslim World and Prospects for Islamic Dialogue’.

Furthermore, the Council's stand will host a seminar featuring Dr. Yahya Ramadan, Professor of Higher Education at the Regional Center for Education and Training in Meknes, in collaboration with Dr. Fouad Bouali, Director of the ‘Identity Harmony Management in the Muslim World’ initiative at the Al-Hokama Center for Peace and Research,. The seminar is titled ‘Identity Harmony Management in the Muslim World: Concepts and Mechanisms’ and will take place on Sunday, June 4th.

On Tuesday, June 5th, the Council's stand will organize a seminar titled ‘A Reading of the Book 'Dawn of Andalusia' presented by Dr. Hassan Oureid, Professor of Political Science at Mohammed V University in Rabat. Another seminar titled ‘The Role of the Muslim Council of Elders in Serving and Disseminating Islamic Heritage’ will be held on Wednesday, June 6th, presented by Dr. Mohammed Jamal, Researcher at the Heritage Revival Office of Al-Azhar.

Dr. Adel Mousawi, Professor of International Relations at Mohammed V University in Rabat, will discuss the topic of ‘Efforts of Conflict Resolution Groups in Africa’ on Thursday, June 8th while Dr. Said Kafaiti, Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez, along with Dr. Norah Al-Issaoui, Professor of the History of Religions and Dialogue of Civilizations at the Faculty of Theology at Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tetouan, will present a seminar titled ‘A Reading of the Book: 'Religious Pluralism, Identities, and the Paths to Peace'. All seminars at the Muslim Council of Elders’ stand will take place at 5.30PM.

The main sessions will also include a seminar moderated by Dr. Youssef Al-Kalam, Professor of Higher Education at Al-Qarawiyyin University in the Dar Al-Hadith Al-Hassania Institution, and Dr. Samir Boudinar, Executive Director of the Al-Hokama Center for Peace and Research, titled ‘Religion and the Challenges of the Era’. The seminar will be held on Monday, June 5th, at 12.30PM in the Rabat Al-Fath Hall.

The final seminar will be titled ‘Principles of Understanding and Comprehension from Thought and Language’ presented by His Eminence Dr. Mustapha Benhamza, member of the Muslim Council of Elders, President of the Ulema Council of Oujda, and President of the Regional Scientific Council in the Oriental Region. The seminar includes a book signing of various publications by Dr. Benhamza and will be held at 3PM in Hall 2 on Saturday, June 10th.

With the presence of a large number of distinguished scholars and researchers, the Muslim Council of Elders’ stand at the International Publishing and Book Fair in Rabat represents an exceptional opportunity for the public to discover and expand their knowledge of Islamic heritage and contribute to fruitful intellectual dialogues.

The Council continues to have a clear and positive impact on the global cultural field through its high-quality and distinguished participation in international book fairs, as well as various scientific and intellectual events. This falls in line with the vision of His Eminence the Grand Imam of promoting dialogue and spreading tolerance and peace globally as well as building bridges of cooperation with people of all backgrounds.

The Council recently concluded its participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which took place from May 22nd to 28th 2023. During the event, the Council's stand received a large number of visitors who acquainted themselves with the council's achievements and contributions in various fields, as well as its efforts to enhance awareness of Islamic heritage.



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