Muslim Council of Elders congratulates Arab and Islamic Worlds on the occasion of Eid ul-Adha

The Muslim Council of Elders, under the chairmanship of His Eminence Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, extends heartfelt congratulations to the Arab and Islamic worlds, including kings, princes, leaders, and people, on the occasion of the blessed Eid ul-Adha. May Allah bless the Arab and Islamic nations, as well as the entire world, with goodness, blessings, love, security, peace, prosperity, and stability.
During this blessed period, which manifest the feelings of unity and solidarity among people through the rituals of Hajj, the Muslim Council of Elders also calls upon Muslims around the world to renounce division and discord while distancing themselves from differences and disputes, and establishing the values of love, fraternity and coming together for the greater good. This period is also an opportunity to come closer to the Almighty Allah, by fulfilling the needs of people, exerting efforts to bring joy and happiness to those in need, extending a helping hand to them, and meeting their needs.

The Muslim Council of Elders also expresses its sincere wishes for peace, goodness, and love to prevail over the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as for all humanity. May this blessed occasion relieve our worlds of all crises and disturbances and may the world as a whole be spared from the evils of wars and conflicts in order for humanity to enjoy greater security and stability.


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