‏Dr. Leah Pisar to Participants of the Second Edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum: "We Rely on You for a Better Future for Humanity"

‏Dr. Leah Pisar, President of the Aladdin Project, has emphasized that youth represent a bright future of nations, pointing out the significant role they can play in promoting dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, and actively contributing to addressing global challenges.

‏Speaking in a lecture titled 'Building Peace through Cultural Rapprochement' on the first day of the second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, held in Geneva, Pisar stated that she has high hopes for the capabilities and determination of young people to achieve a better future for humanity.

‏The President of the Aladdin Project, which works to combat violent extremism, anti-Semitism, prejudice against Muslims, and enhance dialogue with the Islamic world as a whole, as well as addressing the crisis of social cohesion in Europe, also emphasized the importance of dialogue and cooperation with followers of different religions and cultures. She affirmed the focus on human commonalities as well as accepting and respecting others in order to achieve global peace.

‏Dr. Pisar praised the efforts of the Muslim Council of Elders and its initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue, tolerance, and peace, including the Emerging Peacemakers Forum. She called on the participants of the second edition of the forum to unite in upholding the values of dialogue and working together to correct misconceptions, combat extremism, prejudice, hatred, racism, and discrimination, and promote the values of dialogue, tolerance, and human fraternity.

‏The second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum commenced on Thursday, in partnership between the Muslim Council of Elders, the Rose Castle Foundation, and the World Council of Churches. Its aim is to equip a generation of young people capable of actively contributing to peacebuilding and promoting values of dialogue, tolerance, and coexistence.



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