Friday Sermon at the Second Edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum discusses 'Peace in Islam'

Participants in the second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, held in Geneva, Switzerland have participated in the Islamic Friday prayers, with the sermon focusing on the topic of 'Peace in Islam'. 

Muslim participants performed the Friday prayer at the forum's camp located in Château de Bossey in Geneva. The Friday sermon was delivered by Ahmed Abu Tayel, a member of the organizing committee for the second edition of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum and a graduate of its first edition.

The sermon addressed the concept of peace in Islam and how to achieve it at with the family, society, and the world. It explained the philosophy of peace in Islamic law and the motivations that urge Muslims to make peace and establish understanding and human fraternity.

Abu Tayel emphasized that the concept of peace in Islam does not only mean the absence of wars but rather creating a state of harmony and harmony within families, communities, and nations. He affirmed that making peace is a duty for every Muslim and that one of the objectives of Islamic law is to create peace in all aspects related to people's feelings, words, and actions.

Abu Tayel further stated that just as Islamic law calls for justice to achieve peace, it also encourages forgiveness and benevolence, promising immense rewards for those who practice them. He urged the youth to embody positivity in spreading peace everywhere and at all times, and to be ambassadors of peace in obedience to the command of Allah and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Abu Tayel concluded the Friday sermon with a prayer, asking Allah to spread goodness and peace throughout the world, to help our contemporary world overcome its challenges, wars, and conflicts, and to unite hearts and bring about security, prosperity, fraternity, and stability to humanity.

Non-Muslim participants in the forum also showed their interest in listening to the Friday sermon, expressing their solidarity with their Muslim peers and affirming the values of love, fraternity, coexistence, acceptance, and respect for the beliefs of others.



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