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Muslim Council of Elders affirms its pride in the endeavors of His Eminence Al Sayyed Ali Al-Amin

The Muslim Council of Elders has expressed its immense pride at the noble efforts and endeavors of its member His Eminence Al Sayyed Ali Al-Amin in promoting peace, human fraternity and unity among Muslims. Through a statement published on behalf of the Council’s General Secretariat, the Council reaffirmed that the moderate ideology carried by His Eminence Al Sayyed Ali Al-Amin has greatly contributed towards strengthening understanding between prominent scholars in the Muslim world while continuing to be an active promoter of dialogue and coexistence with followers of other religions.

The statement continued, “His Eminence is well-known for his strong viewpoints with just causes in the Islamic world, namely the Palestinian issue and its capital Jerusalem. It is with deep appreciation that we commend his moderate ideology in the face of extremists, who have done nothing but weakened the Islamic world while bringing it into a storm of hate, violence and extremism which has unfortunately weakened and fragmented it.” The statement concluded, “The Muslim Council of Elders is very proud to have His Eminence Al Sayyed Ali Al-Amin as a member, as he brings an added quality in the fields of promoting peace and spreading the values of Human Fraternity.”


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