In a Seminar at the Muslim Council of Elders Pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair 2024 - Dr. Amr Sharif: Knowledge is the Argument Against Atheism, and Preventing Atheism is a Comprehensive System Starting from the Family, Then Social and Media Treatment

The Muslim Council of Elders' pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair 2024, hosted a seminar titled "Knowledge: Betting between Atheism and Faith," Professor Dr. Amr Sharif, Professor and Head of the Department of General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, participated. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Saad Al-Mat'ani.

During the seminar, Dr. Amr Sharif stated that knowledge and religion are not contradictory, and we must realize that the wisdom provided by religion does not contradict the cosmic or divine laws in the universe. He pointed out that interpretations of phenomena were previously religious interpretations before the modern era, and science came to present another aspect, namely causality, emphasizing that science is the argument against atheism.

Dr. Sharif highlighted that if preventive medicine is more important than surgical medicine, preventing atheism is also of great importance. He emphasized that preventing atheism is a comprehensive system starting from the family, then social and media treatment.

The Head of the Department of General Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, emphasized the crucial role of parents in preventing their children from atheism by being able to answer their questions. Neglecting this matter is dangerous for families, as if we do not provide our children with sufficient answers to their deep questions, they will turn to open heavens with many of their negatives. He also stressed the importance of parents helping their children establish a sense of self so that they do not reach the stage of rebellion and attempt to search for identity outside the scope of parental authority.

Recognizing that confronting atheism lies in a comprehensive system that needs to be addressed from all aspects, Dr. Sharif emphasized the importance of the societal role in preventing atheism. He called for the development of Islamic theology, expanding the preparation of researchers and religious scholars to study the philosophy of natural sciences as part of their intellectual formation, to confront what has recently emerged as "scientific atheism."

The Muslim Council of Elders' pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair features a diverse collection of publications, along with a series of seminars, activities, and events focused on promoting the values of peace and mutual coexistence among all humanity.

The pavilion is located alongside the Al-Azhar pavilion in Hall 4 at the Egypt International Exhibition and Conference Center in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo.



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