Pavilion of the Muslim Council of Elders at the Cairo International Book Fair Discusses the Role of the Ash'ari School in Addressing Intellectual and Societal Issues

*Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy: The Islamic Ummah Accepted and Approved the Ash'ari Doctrine*

*Dr. Nazir Ayad: The Ash'aris, Intellectual Benefactors, Dealt with Real Issues and Solved Societal Problems*

*Director of Al Hokama Center for Peace Research: The Ash'ari School Confronted Intellectual and Behavioral Deviations in Society and Worked on Remedying Its Problems*

*Boudinar: The Ash'ari School Gifted Our Nation Over Centuries with a Comprehensive Intellectual and Scientific System Integrating Knowledge and Action*

The pavilion of the Muslim Council of Elders at the Cairo International Book Fair hosted its fourteenth seminar, titled "Characteristics of Ash'ari Teachings in Light of Contemporary Challenges." The seminar featured Prof. Dr. Nazir Ayad, Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Academy, and Dr. Samir Boudinar, Director of Al Hokama Center for Peace Research and was moderated by Dr. Mohammed Gamal, member of the Heritage Revival Office at Al-Azhar.

During the seminar, Dr. Nazir Ayad highlighted the distinctive features of the Ash'ari school, emphasizing its reliance on Quranic and Prophetic teachings, aligning with the practices of the righteous predecessors. He further pointed out that the Ash'ari school embraced a harmonious integration of reason and text, recognizing the diverse nature of individuals. Dr. Ayad also acknowledged the Ash'ari school's role in addressing intellectual and contemporary challenges and that the school demonstrated cultural and intellectual diversity, presenting a balanced perspective that incorporates wisdom and equilibrium even when engaging with opposing viewpoints.

Additionally, Dr. Nazir Ayad emphasized that Al-Azhar has incorporated Ash'ari teachings into its curriculum, recognizing the school's contribution to scientific and humanitarian thought, and its ability to address societal issues.

Dr. Samir Boudinar stated that the Ash'ari school has provided a comprehensive method and intellectual framework for the Islamic nation over centuries since it effectively countered intellectual and behavioral deviations, contributing to social problem-solving and addressing intellectual challenges. He further noted that the Ash'ari school's approach is the path for the Islamic nation to overcome fragmentation and division. Dr. Boudinar highlighted the Ash'ari school's integrated method in understanding the beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah, both in thought and argumentation. The school's influence extends to various fields such as research methodologies, sociology, and the philosophy of sciences.

The Muslim Council of Elders' pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair features a diverse collection of publications, along with a series of seminars, activities, and events focused on promoting the values of peace and mutual coexistence among all humanity.

The pavilion is located alongside the Al-Azhar pavilion in Hall 4 at the Egypt International Exhibition and Conference Center in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo.



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