Muslim Council of Elders Successfully Concludes Participation in the Cairo International Book Fair 2024

Widespread Praise for Activities in the Council's Pavilion as well as the Diversity of Publications and Events

The Muslim Council of Elders concluded its participation in the Cairo International Book Fair 2024, which witnessed a significant turnout from the fair's visitors who praised the pavilion's activities and the diverse range of publications that enrich knowledge, reflecting the tolerance of Islamic teachings.

During this year's exhibition, the Muslim Council of Elders presented 220 diverse publications covering various scientific fields, including over 22 new releases. It also organized various activities and programs promoting coexistence and human fraternity, including interactive workshops, competitions, intellectual seminars, and the celebration of the International Day of Human Fraternity. 

Speakers at the Council's pavilion addressed various significant intellectual and cultural issues, including the role of the nation in the Prophet's tradition, modern schools in the modern era, women between Islamic teachings and inherited traditions, the role of science in the bet between atheism and faith, becoming grammatically correct, the status of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem in heritage. Additionally, several workshops were conducted for members of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum.

This was the seventh participation of the Muslim Council of Elders in the Cairo International Book Fair, aligning with its mission to promote peace, instill values of dialogue and tolerance, and build bridges of cooperation among people of different races and beliefs.



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