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Muslim Council of Elders Publishes Poetry Collections for Moroccan Poet

The Muslim Council of Elders has published two poetry collections for children by Moroccan poet Dr. Yassine Hazguer. Titled, “O Allah, so Beautiful” and “I adore you for no reason” the two collections were launched at a book signing session at the Amman International Book Fair in the Jordanian Capital. 

The collections encourage for the love of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his prophetic values in the hearts of young people by using poetic and eloquent Arabic language. The signing session drew a large crowd of adults and children from the visitors of the Amman International Book Fair.

Dr. Hazguer is a poet and critique born in Rabat, Morocco who holds a PhD in Literary and Critical Methodology. He currently works as an academic researcher at the Muslim Council of Elders and has written several poetry collections for adults and children including ‘Songs of Sirana’, ‘Maqamat Al Tajali’, ‘I adore you for no reason’ and ‘O Allah, so Beautiful’. He previously starred in the television program ‘Prince of Poets’ and has won several poetry and literary prizes. He has published several studies on historic and contemporary issues and continues to study rare Arabic manuscripts.


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