Foreign Offices of the Muslim Council of Elders: Presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Switzerland to spread tolerance and coexistence

The Muslim Council of Elders established a number of international offices and branches in various locations around the world, for the purpose of activating the Council’s global role by communicating and understand the most pressing issues globally. This goes with exploring intellectual renewal as well as coexistence, tolerance and achieving a multi-faceted peace.

The Council also strives to provide answers for Muslims in these communities on issues related to peace, coexistence, identity and citizenship. This goes with foreign offices taking part in the fields of publishing and translation. Foreign offices also represent bridges of wisdom as per the guidance of the various council members overlooking their work.

In 2022, the Council took part in many activities that promote coexistence and peace within their respective regions.

The Council’s Indonesian office organized a number of regional initiatives in 2022 namely the ‘Dinner of Religions’ which was a meeting between various religious leaders as well as local influencers within Indonesia. It also launched was the ‘Millennium Generation Competition' which is aimed at promoting dialogue amongst young people and protecting them from extremist through. The Indonesian office also organized a number of meetings and partnerships with various academic institutions in the south-east Asian nation as well participating at the Indonesia International Book Fair to go with translating many of the Council’s books from Arabic to Indonesian. 

The Council’s Malaysian office established a library with over 4000 titles focused on the fields of moderate Islam and countering extremism as well as human sciences. The library is visited by tens of students and researchers on a daily basis. The office also translated various council books from Arabic to Malay as well as translating the Council’s website and social media pages into the local language. This goes with establishing campaigns to support victims of natural disasters in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan office took part in a number of initiatives that spread coexistence, tolerance and peace while also translating material into Urdu. 

The Council’s European office in Geneva, Switzerland strives to serve Muslim societies while building progressive relations with community leaders and countering and addressing Islamophobia. It also established a number of partnerships with other religious, academic and research organizations for the purpose of supporting tolerance, coexistence and human fraternity as well as pluralism and citizenship.

The Muslim Council of Elders strives to open more offices in 2023 in nations such as Senegal, Kazakhstan, Italy and India.



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