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Muslim Council of Elders celebrates World Braille Day

The Muslim Council of Elders has celebrated World Braille Day which coincides every year on January 4th. Through a statement on the Council’s social media pages, it was reiterated of the importance of accessibility and independence for those who are blind or visually impaired while inspiring them to read and write and participate in their respective societies. 

The statement continued, “World Braille Day also serves as a reminder of their right to knowledge and their necessary role in building the future of their societies. The Muslim Council of Elders places a great emphasis on the need to use Braille in spreading the values of tolerance, peace and coexistence through a partnership with the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination who translated the Document on Human Fraternity into Arabic, English and Italian Braille respectively.” 

The Council’s statement also encouraged individuals and organizations to, “unite efforts and publish more publications in Braille in order to allow the visually impaired to benefit from all forms of knowledge.”

Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who have low vision. It is a code by which many languages may be written and read. Braille is used by thousands of people all over the world in their native languages and provides a means of literacy for all.


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