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Muslim Council of Elders to include a number of new publications at its stand at the Cairo International Book Fair

The Muslim Council of Elders is set to include a number of new publications at its stand at the 54th Cairo International Book Fair. The publications are set to promote the values of religious tolerance, countering Islamophobia as well as other academic topics based on Islamic teachings.

Most prominent among these is ‘Basis of Understanding from thought and language’ by His Eminence Dr. Mustapha Benhamza, member of the Higher Scientific Council of Al-Azhar and the Muslim Council of Elders and President of the Ulema Council of Oujda in Morocco.

Other publications include, ‘Sunnah and its role in proving legal rulings’ by Mohammed Saad Jalal to go with ‘Studies of Similarities in the Stories of the Holy Qur'an: Comparison and Analysis’ by Abdul-Ghani Awad Al-Rajhi and ‘Lectures on Monotheism, Creed and Modern Thought’ by Muhammad Shams al-Din Ibrahim as well as ‘Facilitating Logical Rules Explanation of Al-Risalah Al-Shamsiyyah’ by Muhammad Shams Al-Din Ibrahim and finally ‘Hadith Logic’ written by: Ali Muhammad Jabr.

Likewise, the Council has translated a number of publications into Arabic such as ‘Religious Tolerance in World Religions’ by Jacob Neusner and Bruce Chilton. The book is a provocative analysis of how a religious system in its political statement produces categories of tolerance that can be explained in that system’s logical context. Past and present beliefs, practices, and definitions of social order are examined in terms of how they support tolerance for other religious groups as a matter of public policy.

Likewise, the Council will exhibit ‘Countering Islamophobia in Europe’ by Ian Law, Amina Easat-Daas, Arzu Merali and S. Sayyid. The book draws on new evidence from eight national contexts to provide an innovative kit of counter-narratives, which were presented and well received at the European Parliament in September 2018, and subsequently launched across Europe in national workshops in selected states.

The upcoming participation at the Cairo International Book Fair comes as part of His Eminence the Grand Imam’s vision of promoting dialogue and spreading tolerance and peace globally as well as building bridges of cooperation with people of all backgrounds. The Council’s participation at the Cairo International Book Fair can be located in Hall 4 next to the Al-Azhar stand at the Egypt International Exhibition Center.


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