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Muslim Council of Elders’ stand at the Cairo International Book Fair 2023: Islam honored women as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, and they cannot be forced to go against their will

The first seminar by the Muslim Council of Elders at the Cairo International Book Fair took place at the Council’s stand at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. The seminar was titled ‘Muslim Women and Contemporary Challenges’ and presented by Dr. Amira Makhlouf, specialist in English Religious Curricula & Children and Youth Affairs at the School of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo. 

During the seminar, Dr. Makhlouf stressed that Islam honored women as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, and that women in Arab and Muslim societies possess all the rights to fully participate and progress. She reiterated the urgent need for Muslim women to hold on to their religious and cultural identity in the face of attempts by various societies to force women to dress and identify in a manner way that can only be considered as backward and unjust.

Makhlouf added that mutual respect within a family, be it between males and females or the husband and wife helps establish a stable and constructive family identity. She pointed to the importance of providing equal opportunities in terms of education and choice which in turn will help determine the best fit in terms of ability and not merely gender. 

She concluded by warning against imported ideologies in the social media age and the need for families to take particular care with regards to this issue. She stressed that it is necessary for families to train for their children in order to prepare them to deal with the outside world and virtual communities since not all that is foreign is useful nor appropriate for Muslim women.

The Muslim Council of Elders is set to host a number of seminars and workshops at its stand at the 54th Cairo International Book Fair from the 25th of January until the 6th of February 2023. A total of 14 seminars and 3 workshops discussing various prominent contemporary topics and issues will take place during the fair's duration.

The Council’s participation comes as part of His Eminence the Grand Imam’s vision of promoting dialogue and spreading tolerance and peace globally as well as building bridges of cooperation with people of all backgrounds. The Council’s stand at the Cairo International Book Fair can be located in Hall 4 next to the Al-Azhar stand at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the 5th Settlement.


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