Pope Francis to honour Mohamed Abdul-Salam for his efforts
2019 Jan 19

The Grand Imam: The Holy Qur’an helped establish a relationship of love and peace between Muslims and Christians
2019 Jan 15

His Eminence the Grand Imam: We are willing to cooperate with all religious institutions to allow us to gauge the opinions and views of other cultures
2019 Jan 08

The Grand Imam: Compassion, goodwill along with interfaith visits between Muslims and Christians are factors that stem from the teachings of Islam
2019 Jan 02

The Secretary General of the Council: Saudi Arabia is a land of tolerance and a beacon of peace
2018 Dec 27

Grand Imam meets with Chairman of the Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council and reiterates strong relationship with Saudi Arabia
2018 Dec 26

Grand Imam meets with Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
2018 Dec 24

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques hosts the Grand Imam in Riyadh
2018 Dec 24