Muslim Council of Elders Missions Conclude Revival of Ramadan Rituals in Several Countries Around the World

Wide Acclaim of the Muslim Council of Elders Envoys to Indonesia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Italy

The missions of the Muslim Council of Elders to several countries around the world during the blessed month of Ramadan concluded at the end of the holy month. These missions received wide acclaim from official, religious, and popular leaderships who expressed their appreciation for the council's efforts in enhancing communication with Muslims worldwide, nurturing their religious awareness, and promoting their positive integration into their societies.

In Germany, the Supreme Council for Muslims in the town of Ditzingen organized an honoring ceremony for the mission of the Muslim Council of Elders consisting of Quran reciters and imams who revived the rituals of the holy month in mosques and Islamic centers. The event was attended by a number of officials from the Council, ambassadors from Muslim nations in addition to a group of imams, scholars, mosque officials, and political and social figures in Germany.

In Italy, the mission of the Muslim Council of Elders concluded its tour with great success, including Quran recitation, Taraweeh prayers, lectures, and religious sermons in several Italian cities, including Milan, the City Center, Erba Center in Lake Como, and the Barak Center in Como.

Similarly, the mission of the Muslim Council of Elders to Indonesia concluded its program, which included various events and activities, such as a graduation ceremony at the Kausar Institute for Quranic Studies and a visit to Dar Al-Najah Institute and University in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. In Malaysia, the mission concluded its activities with numerous seminars, religious lectures, addressing questions and inquiries from Muslims, engaging with the local community, and exchanging views on various important religious and cultural issues and different challenges.

The missions of the Muslim Council of Elders during Ramadan aimed to strengthen constructive communication bridges with Muslim and non-Muslim communities worldwide, articulate correct Islamic values, disseminate a culture of dialogue, tolerance, and positive integration, promote values of moderation, tolerance, enlightened Islamic thought, and counter all forms of extremism, bigotry, hatred, racism, and discrimination.



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