Publications of the Muslim Council of Elders: A Global Platform for Promoting the Values of Coexistence and Fraternity and Countering Hate Speech, Intolerance, and Discrimination

­ Over 220 publications by the Muslim Council of Elders in its ten years have been a beacon for humanity in an era where challenges to peaceful coexistence and human dialogue have intensified.

­ Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, and Malay are among the primary languages through which the Council addresses the world.

­ “Al-Hokama Publishing,” established in 2019, aims to disseminate and promote enlightened, moderate Islamic thought.

­ Al-Hokama Center for Peace Research is the first international non-governmental research center representing a structure for thought and expertise, serving the message of peace in the Muslim world.

Abu Dhabi, March..., 2024: Amid the global challenges, including the escalation of hate speech and extremism, the Muslim Council of Elders, under the leadership of His Eminence the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, has significantly contributed to promoting values of tolerance, coexistence, and moderation. The Council has steadfastly opposed extremist ideologies, racism, and discrimination. Over the past ten years, one of its major strategies to advance its mission has been through its wide-ranging publications, which have reached global audiences, comprising over 220 publications in multiple languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, and Malay. These were showcased at approximately 40 international book fairs since 2018.

The aim of these publications is to tackle crucial issues, promoting tolerance, coexistence, and peace, correcting misunderstandings, and fostering respect and acceptance of others. They also seek to encourage interfaith and intercultural dialogues, advance a culture of peace and moderation, combat extremist thoughts and hate speech, and rejuvenate the rich Islamic heritage with significant books and publications.

In this context, acknowledging the critical need for broad dissemination of its publications to reach diverse societal groups, the Council established “Al-Hokama Publishing” in 2019. This publishing house is dedicated to producing and translating books that foster tolerance and coexistence, targeting various age demographics, republishing notable Islamic heritage texts, engaging specialized researchers, and translating works from various languages into Arabic and others. It also actively participates in international book fairs, organizes events and seminars, and collaborates with like-minded publishing houses.

Furthering its commitment to promoting peace across both Muslim and non-Muslim communities, the Muslim Council of Elders inaugurated the Al-Hokama Center for Peace Research in October 2020. Equipped with a specialized research and administrative team, the center aims to bridge the gap in peace studies and related academic disciplines, marking it as the first international non-governmental research entity designed as a center of thought and expertise for peace within the Muslim world. The center employs the principle of “wisdom” as both a methodological approach and a philosophical ethos to explore conflict origins, offer forward-looking perspectives, and deepen the understanding of ongoing disputes. It has produced a variety of publications, including an annual book, monthly pamphlets, the Muwafaqat Journal, a translation series, and has hosted numerous seminars, alongside other intellectual and cultural activities and events.



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